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Contractors Plant & Equipment - 2018 - 1

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Contractors Plant & Equipment

Special Feature


The world is moving inextricably towards a cleaner future with innovation power delivery solutions based on clean electric power - eliminating the perceived health concerns over diesel emissions. This despite, diesel engines being cleaner than they have ever been.

Nonetheless, manufacturers have to respond to end users, who, in turn, must abide by ever stricter regulations on practices that have an environmental impact - emission, noise, dust, etc.

Tesla Shows The Way In Electric Vehicle Innovations

Known for developing electric powered cars and autonomous vehicles, Tesla has shown that its technology is also transferable to other typically diesel engine driven vehicles where different power demands come into force.

Called ‘The Tesla Semi ‘, it will deliver a far better experience for truck drivers, while increasing safety and significantly reducing the cost of cargo transport - so the company claims.


Daimler Launches Production Electric Highway Truck

Daimler Launches Production Electric Highway Truck

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) is first OEM to launch a brand exclusively dedicated to electric trucks and buses.

The first series-produced all-electric light-duty truck FUSO eCanter trucks have already been delivered to first customers including UPS, Seven-Eleven and Yamato Transport Japan


Electric Crossover to
Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment launches an award winning fully-electric compact excavator.

Volvo Construction Equipment launches an award winning fully-electric compact excavator.

Volvo Construction Equipment’s latest introduction - a fully-electric compact excavator has won an Intermat Innovation Award for its revolutionary design.

The EX2 is a prototype at this time which delivers zero emissions, 10 times higher efficiency, 10 times lower noise levels and reduced total cost of ownership.


All Electric Wheeled Excavator

The French company, Mecalac, is offering the first 100%-electric machine, which meets the three key requirements for the urban building sites of today and tomorrow: range, performance and compactness.


First for JCB - All Electric Mini-Excavator

First for JCB - All Electric Mini-Excavator

The JCB JCB 19C-1 E-TEC is a 1.9 tonne mini excavator that can be charged by simply plugging it into a standard 230 volt domestic electricity supply.





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What's New In Plant & Equipment?

Every year sees manufacturers introducing the latest innovations in plant and equipment.

Objectives range from reducing emissions, improving operator comfort and safety, increasing productivity and maximizing use of emerging technology.

Duetz Hybrid technology

Read the following:

  • Hybrid Technology in Hydraulic Excavator
  • Improving Personal Data Security
  • Rental Group Also Goes Electric
  • Further Developments in Hybrid Excavators
  • Wacker Neuson Indoor Demonstration - a First
  • Innovative Hybrid Tandem Roller
  • First Off-Highway Electrified Power System
  • Autonomous Haulage for Surface Mining
  • MB Crusher Mini Excavator Cutter Head
  • Crawler Concrete Pump For Special Works.
  • New Cat 24 Heavy Duty Motor Grader
  • A New Era In Access Platforms
  • Remote Solution Mitigates Safety With Platforms
  • New Technology For Concrete Testing

Innovative JCB Site Dumpers

  • Innovative JCB Site Dumpers
  • Ultra-Quiet LED Light Tower From Atlas Copco
  • New GIANT Ride-On Multi-Function Skid Steers
  • Dashboard For A New Mecalac Site Dumper
  • New Radial Earthmover Tyres
  • New Exterior Cladding for Modern Façades
  • New Step-Over Platforms



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