Atlas Copco releases new versatile Dynapac soil roller


Atlas Copco’s new Tier 4 Final compact Dynapac CA1400 soil roller offers two speeds and amplitudes for added versatility on a variety of applications, including pipe trenches, roads, streets, steep slopes and parking lots.

The roller’s cross-mounted engine allows technicians to easily access all necessary components, minimizing downtime. Its ease of service, high versatility, and optimal gradeability contribute to a fast return on investment for rental centres.

Tim Hoffman, Atlas Copco rollers product manager said:

“Rental centres look for equipment that is versatile and easy to maintain, and contractors want productivity. We designed the CA1400 with those features in mind.
Like all of our road construction equipment, the CA1400 has an ergonomic operators’ station to maximize comfort, which contributes to overall productivity. And its tested and proven gradeability, along with dual amplitude and speed, provide versatility for many compaction projects.”

The CA1400’s 66 inch (1,676 mm) wide drum and two amplitudes — .032 inches (0.8 mm) and .067 inches (1.7 mm) — allow rental centres to offer contractors one unit for compacting a wide range of materials. Using the adjustable settings, operators can change the amplitude to suit different lift thicknesses.

In addition to two amplitudes, operators can set the speed on the CA1400 to high or low to achieve different compaction results on a variety of applications and materials.

Due to the compact size, the roller works well for compacting materials on large building foundations and industrial construction sites. It offers operators optimum gradeability to easily maneuver up and down steep slopes.

To ensure consistent speed, the CA1400 features flotation tires and a differential lock and a drum drive system for high traction in forward or reverse. These components also allow for easy movement on the jobsite and increased productivity.

Atlas Copco offers the CA1400 with a smooth-drum or pad-drum. The roller’s high, static linear load of 112 pounds per linear inch make it ideal for compacting thin layers of materials, such as silt, clay and gravel.

Compaction power from its eccentric weights transfers through the roller’s drum to efficiently compact sand and gravel as deep as 20 inches ((500 mm) with minimal passes. The PD version will compact silt and clay at a depth of 18 inches (457 mm).

A cross-mounted 56 kW (75-horsepower) Kubota diesel engine sits perpendicular to the CA1400’s frame.  A 12-volt outlet within the engine compartment can power lights allowing operators a clear view of the engine at night or during low-light conditions. Because the engine is cross-mounted rather than parallel to the frame, the roller has optimal weight distribution.

The engine position also contributes to the roller’s small footprint, which helps the unit easily fit on a trailer with other construction equipment. The compact machine maneuvers easily into tight workspaces, through pipe trenches and on road shoulders.

The top-mounted, cool-air intakes with side vents that combine with the ejector exhaust outlet to minimize engine noise. This also prevents dust from entering the engine compartment, which can occur when compacting dry loose soil.

With Atlas Copco’s ECO Mode rpm-management system, the engine minimizes fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The system generates only the amount of power needed to operate at any given time, which reduces fuel consumption as much as 15 percent.

Operators also can switch the engine to run at high rpm for heavy climbing or starting the vibratory function of the roller.

An operator station gives workers a clear view of the drum’s edge and surroundings, which is crucial while maneuvering in tight workspaces.  Good visibility enhances productivity, as well as ergonomics, by eliminating the need for operators to twist and lean in order to see the work area.

Additionally, Atlas Copco insulated the station against vibrations to minimize harsh body and hand/arm vibrations.

The roller includes safety features such as a back-up alarm and battery disconnect switch on the operators platform. As with all Dynapac machines, the parking brake is separated from the forward and reverse lever to minimize the risk of unintentionally releasing the brake.

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