Deutz @ ConExpo 2014

  •  DEUTZ exhibits engine programmes in the emission category US EPA Tier 4
  • New and newly-developed engines in a power range of between 30 and 520 kW
  • Intelligent system solutions using the TCD 4.1 PowerPack as an example

The newly developed TCD 2.9 L4 engine has been specially developed for tight installations with its ultra-compact dimensions. A cooled, external downstream filter and a high-pressure common rail system guarantee the best power at the same time as the lowest-possible emissions. With a maximum capacity of 55.4 kW and powerful 300 Nm torque, the engine is setting new standards in its class.

The turbo-charged 4-cylinder TCD 3.6 L4 series covers the power range of up to 90 kW with its maximum torque of 480 Nm in US EPA Tier 4 interim. In level US EPA Tier 4, the peak power has now been increased to 97 kW at a maximum torque of 500 Nm. With this, the 4-cylinder engine advances into a power class previously occupied by engines with considerably higher capacity.

At powers below 56 kW, the engine is available both without intercooling as the TD 3.6 and as a "high torque" version with intercooler and an extraordinarily powerful torque curve of 390 Nm from 1300 rpm onwards. The TCD 3.6 allows for 100 percent power take-off on the flywheel and front side; in addition, it provides up to two power take-offs with a maximum of 310Nm total torque.

The DVERT module provides an open DVERT Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) for the <4 litre TCD 2.9 and TCD 3.6, which is optionally fitted to the engine. This simple and maintenance-free EAT concept is a good solution for light applications below 56 kW.

For more closely-regulated markets, a DVERT particle filter (DPF) is optionally available.

Above 56kW, the TCD 3.6 with its DOC+SCR system is fitted out to observe emission level IV. This EAT concept is also effectively maintenance-free.

For more closely-regulated mar-kets, an optional DVERT particle filter (DPF) is also available instead of the DOC. DEUTZ  exhibited the TCD 7.8 L6 as the most powerful engine in the medium power class. The robust 6-cylinder in-line engine, with a maximum power of 250 kW and an exceptional maximum torque of 1400 Nm.

The result is an extremely robust design and a 3 to 5% lower fuel consumption in comparison with its predecessor models at level Tier 3.

For the quickest dynamic load assumption and lowest consumption, the TCD 7.8 has been fitted with a DVERT particle filter and SCR. This concept is considered the best solution for engines with medium to high power densities, since it fulfils all the requirements on larger equipment in high-power applications without making compromises in peak power, maximum torque and dynamics. Using the 6-cylinder TCD 12.0 V6, which has a maximum torque of 2130 Nm and power of 390 kW, as an example DEUTZ will be showing its V-engines in the top class, which know how to impress through their robustness and lower operating costs.

The 8-cylinder TCD 16.0 V8 rounds off the top power range up to 520 kW and 2890 Nm. The unrivalled compact design and low engine weight allow the integration of engines in the smallest possible installation spaces and guarantee free space for other machine components.

The TCD 12.0 V-engine fulfils emission level 4 with the SCR-only concept in which two SCR systems are built in series. Thanks to the SCR-only concept the application of a downstream filter, which is complex for V-engines, can be omitted and the customer connections and heat balance within the engines remain almost unchanged in comparison with Tier 3 and Tier 4 interim.

This means that time-consuming and cost-intensive changes to the engine installation can be omitted.

Deutz also showed an example of integrated system solutions using the TCD 4.1 PowerPack as an example. The PowerPacks, which are completely fitted and ready to install on delivery and are supplied on a self-supporting frame, convince with their compact construction and are ideal for space-saving solutions.

The PowerPack demonstrated at the Conexpo was fitted with a DVERT particle filter. For all level IV engines >56 kW, an intelligent Heat Management System (HMS) is used to regulate the exhaust gas temperature during use. In this case, intake air throttling and internal engine optimisation is combined with demanding EAT regulation in order to ensure the high efficiency level of the DVERT SCR system and regeneration of the DVERT particle filter at any operating time under all operating conditions.

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