Yanmar SV26 mini excavator


245-1Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe has introduced the SV26 - a 2.6-ton mini excavator SV26 .

This is the first machine in a new series and has been completely constructed and designed in France. It has been especially developed to meet the needs and requirements of rental companies. Benefits include very low transport weight and a 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel engine with direct injection for maximum power, advanced user convenience and safety.

274The SV26 can be used for a wide range of applications in the areas of construction, agriculture and landscaping.

Jean-Marc Reynaud, Managing Director Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe, says: ”Our new SV26 mini excavator is the perfect partner for every construction project. It is extremely compact and easy to transport while showing highest power and performance. With enhanced security standards and maintenance possibilities, the SV26 offers everything a good machine needs – especially in the rental business."

The SV26 is designed as a multifunctional machine. It combines technical features, power and compact dimensions in an ideal way. With its low transport weight of 2,600 kg – with rubber tracks and cab – the machine can be transported on a small trailer. Yanmar’s diesel engine reduces emission and fuel consumption to less than four litres per hour while working with high power: 17.4 kW at 2,400 rpm.

245-2Moreover, an optional system automatically reduces the engine speed when the machine has not been used for more than four seconds.

The patented VIPPS hydraulic system (ViO Progressive 3-Pumps System) combines three systems that work simultaneously.

In accordance with the work being performed, pumps will be activated increasing work speed and facilitating the usage of the machine. With its very short tail, the new mini excavator can easily operate on narrow jobsites.

The large cab windows and the shape of the SV26 guarantee a perfect panoramic view. A LED light positioned at the lower part of the boom, ensures optimal visibility of the work area – even at night.

Another highlight is the new digital display that allows management of working time, daily maintenance operations and also to program interventions. Furthermore, it provides real time information of the status of the machine.

Thus, the operator can immediately find out about any malfunction or anomaly. These features help to optimise the safety level - for both, the operator and the machine. In addition, the machine offers easy ways for fast and efficient maintenance by giving better access to engine radiator as well as easily removable panels.

The SV26 is the first machine in a range of new SV mini excavator models that will be launched in the near future

Operating weight 2485 kg (rubber crawlers / canopy)
2595 kg (steel crawlers / canopy)
2675 kg (rubber crawlers / cabin)
2785 kg (steel crawlers / cabin)
Transport dimensions 4250 x 1500 x 2435 mm
Digging depth 2735 mm
2805 mm (long arm)
Dumping height 2835 mm
2995 mm (long arm)
Rear swing radius 1160 mm
Digging force (arm/bucket) 14.71 / 24.52 kN
Travelling speed 2.9 – 4.8 km/h
Yanmar diesel engine 3 cylinders, 1331 cm³
17.6 kW / 23.9 HP / 2400 rpm

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