Komatsu PC170LC-10 Excavator


PC170-10_01Komatsu Europe has introduced the PC170LC-10 - a middle of the range tracked excavator - to the European market. This latest addition to Komatsu’s dash-10 series, with operating weights ranging from 17,280-18,220 kg., provides improved performance with up to 5% more lift capacity with a standard counterweight compared to the previous PC160LC-8.

The optional heavier counterweight provides up to 15% more lift capacity and is ideal for contractors looking for a more powerful lifting machine, embodying versatility with power for the widest range of applications in its class.

The PC170LC-10 offers a net 115HP at 2100 rpm, yet it is up to 10 percent more fuel efficient than its predecessor, depending on the application and conditions. This improved efficiency comes in part from a variable-flow turbocharger that provides optimal airflow under all speeds and load conditions.

Ease-of-Use for Operators

The cab of the PC170LC-10 has a high-resolution 7” LCD color monitor that displays information in 25 languages for global support. The operator can easily select from six working modes of operation to match machine performance to the application. These working modes include Power Mode, Economy Mode, Heavy Lift Mode, Breaker Mode, Attachment Economy and Attachment Power.

The new monitor panel also provides Eco Guidance (operational efficiency guidance), operational records, fuel consumption history, and utilization information. The standard rear-view monitoring system allows the operator to view directly behind the machine with the push of a button.

PC170-10_04                 PC170-10_05

Power and Control

All of the new excavator’s major components including the engine, hydraulic pump, motors and valves are exclusively designed and manufactured by Komatsu. This integrated design employs a closed centre load sensing hydraulic system that takes hydraulic efficiency to the next level, utilizing both variable speed matching and low speed matching technology.

Variable speed matching allows the engine speed to adjust based on the hydraulic pump output for both light and heavy-duty applications, while low speed matching utilizes a larger pump capable of producing higher pump output at lower engine speeds. Enhanced working modes are designed to match engine speed, pump delivery, and system pressure to the application.

Seamless Operation = Greater Productivity

The integrated design of the Komatsu Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (KDOC) allows this simple system to remove soot using 100% “true passive regeneration”, without the need for a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The KDOC is designed for long life, with no scheduled replacement interval. Less complexity and truly seamless operation for the operator means lower owning and operating costs.

The Komatsu SAA4D107E-2 engine is EU Stage IIIB certified and provides lower emissions and lowers fuel consumption. It uses an advanced electronic control system to better manage air-flow rate, fuel injection, combustion and exhaust after-treatment to optimize performance, reduce emissions, reduce fuel consumption and provide advanced diagnostic capability.

Easier Serviceability

The excavator is equipped with the Komatsu EMMS (Equipment Management Monitoring System), which provides enhanced diagnostic features that give the operator and technicians greater monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.

The PC170LC-10 is supported by Komatsu CARE, a complimentary maintenance program for Komatsu customers that comes as standard with every new Komatsu EU Stage 3B construction machine. For the first three years or 2.000 hours it covers factory-scheduled maintenance, performed by Komatsu-trained technicians with Komatsu Genuine parts. It also has the latest KOMTRAX™ technology for remote monitoring.

MODEL NAME Engine Power
Operating Weight
Max. Digging Depth
Bucket Capacity
Standard Crawler Excavators
HB215LC-1 Hybrid 110 / 148 21,2 6,62 max. 1,36
HB215LC-2 Hybrid 110 / 148 22,5 - 23,4 6,62 max. 1,68
PC160LC-8 90,0 / 121 17,3 - 18,4 6,25 max. 0,94
PC160LC-8 LGP 90,0 / 121 19,7 - 21,4 6,25 max. 0,94
PC170LC-10 90,0 / 121 17,3 - 17,7 6,25 max. 0,94
PC190LC/NLC-8 97,0 / 130 18,5 - 20,0 6,28 max. 1,14
PC210/LC/NLC-8 116 / 156 21,4 - 23,8 6,62 max. 1,68

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