Haulotte New HA16 RTJ range


Haulotte HA16RTJ

Haulotte HA16RTJ

Haulotte has introduced 3 vatiations in of a new model - the HA16 RTJ (4 wheel-drive, 2-wheel steer),  HA16 RTJ O (4 wheel-drive, 2-wheel steer and oscillating axle) and the HA16 RTJ PRO (4 wheel-drive, 4-wheel steer, 360° continuous turret rotation, oscillating axle and, within Europe,  Activ’Shield Bar).

This new range has been designed to meet customers’ requirements with a machine that is simple, robust, reliable and easy to maintain with optimal performance and a high level of safety.

The HA16 RTJ range has been designed to reach the most difficult working areas which is achieved with a working envelope delivering a maximum outreach of 8.30 m and an up and over clearance of 7.65 m. The new range offers a good lifting speed with less than 40 seconds saving time and increasing productivity.

The range is unique on the market with excellent proportional and simultaneous movement capability. The 16 m range is able to simultaneously perform the driving, steering, turret rotation along with simultaneous turret rotation and arm/boom elevation.

The HA16 RTJ range has an excellent rough terrain capability due in part to the machine being designed with a permanent anti-slipping differential that evenly distributes the power to the wheels. Additionally, the hydraulic differential lock can be activated manually for maximum efficiency on more difficult rough terrain.

The machines also feature cured-on solid tyres that are longer lasting than foam filled tires and environmentally friendlier.

The HA16 RTJ O and HA16 RTJ Pro models feature an oscillating axle making it feel exceptionally safe and comfortable to drive.

The new Kubota engine has a variable motor speed halving the noise level and reducing the fuel consumption by 15%.  Ergonomics of the upper control box make it easier for the operator to understand and to use the controls of the machine.   Tool tray as standard: ideal to always have the right tools at hand.

Technical Specifications –  HA16RTJ PRO
Working height 16 m
Platform height 14 m
Horizontal outreach  8.3 m
Up & Over Clearance 7.65 m
Lift capacity 230 kg
Length - stowed 6.75 m
Transport length 5.05 m
Width 2.3 m
Height - stowed 2.3 m
Turntable rotation 360° continuous
Wheelbase 2.1 m
Tilt 5 °
Drive speed 5.6 km/h
Gradeability  40 %
Turning radius - outside 3.75 m
Ground clearance 38 cm
Platform size  1.83 x 0.80 m
Power source Kubota 26 kW - 35 hp
Weight 6650 kg


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