Hitachi Ground Engagement Tools launched for European mining market


Hitachi GETHitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) has introduced a range of ground engaging tools (GET) to its customers in Europe, Africa and Russia. The range has been developed exclusively for Hitachi mining excavators – from the 120-tonne EX1200-6 to the 360-tonne EX3600-6 – to complement each machine’s digging capabilities.

The  Hitachi-branded tools are manufactured and tested to the same high standards as all Hitachi construction equipment, and have already been proven in the Australian market. They have been designed to increase productivity, enhance safety on the job site and reduce maintenance costs.

Increased productivity

Specifically engineered for hard rock mining applications, the new Hitachi Genuine GET products are designed to improve penetration and enhance the overall digging power of the excavator. The streamlined profile increases bucket filling and dumping rates to increase productivity and efficiency.

The tools are manufactured from a high grade of superior steel that enables them to become self-sharpening and increases hardness throughout the casting thickness.

Side lock system

All products within the  range benefit from the unique side lock system. This hammerless locking system contributes to improved safety on the job site. It also reduces the time required for change outs/replacements, minimising downtime and maintenance costs. New wear caps and straddle adapters with extra wear protection also require less maintenance.

Wayne Partridge, responsible for mining product support at HCME, says:

“Hitachi Genuine GET have been designed and manufactured to a specification that balances weight, operational wear life and the equipment’s power efficiency. These features provide a combination that, over each operation cycle, minimises the power required by the machine as a ratio of the total workload and cost per tonne, improving overall productivity.

“HCME is pleased to offer the Hitachi Genuine GET range to customers via the European dealer network. This is another example of how Hitachi is lowering the cost of ownership for customers by providing reliable tools that will enhance the productivity of their equipment.”


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