New Polyurethane Toebard Links


Intrepid Industries Inc. has introduced molded polyurethane T5 toeboard links to provide engineers, fabricators and end-users with a more economical way to protect pipe penetrations and other openings for any uprising or opening in grating and deck plate upto 44 mm (1¾").

This is a development and replacement of the company's Grating Penetration Collars (GPCs) which were introduced in 1995.

The new T5s allow greater flexibility, greater cost savings, and better availability. Designed for durability, the links can support loads of 900 kg (1,000lbs).

More flexible,  the units can enclose openings for pipes as small as 1” while providing a standard look around all penetrations. They can also be used to create other toe barriers.

The links are designed for fast and easy installation and removal.

T5 links offer greater cost savings as they are maintenance-free, unlike welded banding.

The non-corrosive molded parts are coloured throughout with safety yellow and supplied with galvanized J-Bolt (T5-J) or Locking Bar (T5-L).

Product is available for immediate delivery through Intrepid Industries in the USA and Netherlands (Europe), or via their representatives in Canada and Singapore (Asia).

For More Information Contact Intrepid Industries