The Atlas Copco compaction indicator shows when the job is done


AC-meterThe new compaction indicator on the Atlas Copco LG500 reversible plate saves time and money. The technology helps reduce machine wear and over-compaction.

The complexity of different soil types makes quality compaction a challenge. Too little compaction and the soil may settle, causing structure failure. Too much compaction leads to unnecessary machine wear and downtime. Over-compaction can also cause some soils to "crack" under increased pressure.

The compaction indicator on the LG500 reversible plate measures the vibration patterns in the plate and shows how well the soil is compacted beneath the surface.

The compaction indicator is mounted at the centre of the handle and the system communicates via a clear system of indicator lights. The three lights; yellow green and red, signal the different stages of compaction. When the red light flashes the particular soil type has reached maximum compaction and it is time to stop.

By combining compaction indicator-technology and operator's knowledge, the risk of over- or under compacting is much reduced. The combination will save the operator's time and increase uptime for the reversible plates. This is thanks to less servicing, due to machine wear.

Atlas Copco LG500

Atlas Copco LG500

To get an even safer compaction experience, the Atlas Copco's CompBase provide detailed compaction data and capacity information based on full-scale tests. The machine and method selection is based on the material to be compacted and provides information on the expected depth effect and degree of compaction after any given number of passes.

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