New Tier IV Final Avant 760i compact tool carrier


Avant_760i_1The Finnish company, Avant Techno has launch its largest and most powerful tool carrier - the 760i compact tool carrier.

The new 760i brings the 700 Series up to 3 models and is designed to build on the proven features of the existing models.

Power is from a new Kohler KDI engine developing 42 kW (57 hp) which is fully compliant with Tier IV FInal emission regulations. The higher cost of Tier IV engine technology, due to the high investment in R&D to develop engines able to meet the mandatory regulations, is soon recovered with lower owning and operating costs.

With the Avant 760i , fuel saving is up to 20%, service intervals are extended and the increase in productivity, at lower engine rpm, make this a sound investment. Maximum torque is on tap from almost the idle position in this compact model - 3080 mm in length and 1400 mm in width.

No particulate filter

The ultra-low emission figure has been achieved by Kohler without the need for a diesel particulate filter or diesel exhaust fluid.

Instead, the new 16 valve power unit features a high pressure, common rail fuel injection system plus a turbocharger, intercooler, cooled exhaust gas recirculation and a diesel oxidation catalyst.

The 760i's hydrostatic transmission offers a maximum travel speed of 30 km/h and the machine is highly stable, even at speed, thanks to larger and wider tyres that also help to minimise damage to delicate surfaces. In addition, its auxiliary hydraulic system is able to supply an impressive oil flow of up to 80 l/min for powering a huge range of available attachments.

Technical Specifications AVANT 760i

Length 3080 mm
Width (with standard tyres) 1400 mm
Height 2110 mm
Operating Weight from 2105 kg
Standard tyres 400/50-15” TR or grass profile
Transmission Hydrostatic
Pulling force 1600 daN
Drive speed 30 km/h
Auxiliary hydraulics 80 l/min
Turning radius (inside/outside) 1250 / 2675 mm
Lifting height 3100 mm
Tipping load 1400 kg
Max. breakout force  at 50 cm 1700 kg
Engine Kohler KDI1903 TCR
Engine output 42 kW (57 hp)

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