Series 2 Compact Loaders from Takeuchi USA


Takeuchi TW80 Series 2

Takeuchi TW80 Series 2

The TW65 SERIES 2 and the TW80 SERIES 2 are the latest in the range of compact wheel loaders from Takeuchi USA.

The key feature is the new water cooled Deutz engines, which are Final Tier 4 compliant using only the diesel oxidation catalyst which simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime. Both models have hydrostatic transmission.

These loaders now feature a standard operator’s cabin with factory installed air conditioner and heater for improved operator comfort in all weather conditions.

For added varsatility, the new models have also been designed to comply with road travel regulations. This, together with a top speed of 40 kmh (25 mph) means moving from site to site eliminates the need for a trailer.

TW80-cabOther features include high flow auxiliary hydraulics for greater attachment versatility, and ride control for improved load retention and enhanced ride characteristics.

A redesigned dashborad provides the operator with valuable machine service and operational all the information he needs at a glance.

TW65 Series 2 TW80 Series 2
Wheelbase 6 ft 6.7 in (2,000 mm) 7 ft 2.6" in (2,200 mm)
Outside Turning Radius  13 ft 8 in (4,166 mm)  13 ft 3 in (4046 mm)
Max Lift Height to Bucket Pin  10 ft 4.6 in (3,165 mm)  11 ft 1 in (3,380 mm)
Bucket Clearance Height  9 ft 2 in (2,800 mm)  9 ft 11 in (3,025 mm)
Dump Height Fully Raised  8 ft 1 in (2,465 mm)  8 ft 6 in (2,605 mm)
Max Dump Angle Fully Raised  45 Degrees  45 Degrees
Reach Fully Raised  2 ft 0 in (610 mm)  2 ft 5 in (740 mm)

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