Stop&Go - A Manitou Innovation


MT1440_NS_036The French telescopic handler manufacturer, Manitou has launched a new hydraulic system called ‘Stop&Go’.

The all-new hydraulic “Stop and Start” system, is available as an option for the Manitou 14 to 18 meter MT telescopic truck models sold in Europe.
It has been especially adapted for onsite applications where machines tend to idle between handling operations.

The “Stop&Go” system automatically cuts the engine when it is not being used (after 30 seconds) and when the hydraulic commands are not being operated.

The engine starts immediately when the operator activates any control.

The Stop&Go system was jointly developed with manufacturer Poclain Hydraulics, to respond to the user cycles of telescopic trucks.

It is generally considered that access platforms are idle for an average of 30% of the time. Machines idling are wasting fuel. Manitou estimate that with the Stop&Go, fuel consumption is reduced by 5% plus there is less wear on the engine and hydraulics.

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