Two More Series 5 Wheel Loaders from Hitachi



Hitachi has introduced the ZW140-5 and ZW150-5 to the eleven model range of wheel loaders. This leave the ZW75 and ZW65 yet to be upgraded.

The two latest models benefit from the various features gradually introduced to the range under the guise ‘Series 5’.

Both models have an Isuzu 5.2-litre four-cylinder water-cooled turbo engine to deliver a powerful digging performance, high travel speeds and has lower fuel consumption.

In order to help further reduce fuel consumption, both models have the new hydrostatic transmission system (HST). As a result, the ZW-5 wheel loaders use less fuel when travelling compared to previous models, and fuel consumption is reduced by approximately 20% when digging.
An optional addition is the auto engine shutdown feature. This helps to prevent wastage, unnecessary fuel usage and exhaust emissions by shutting down the engine one minute after the machine has been placed in neutral and the parking brake has been engaged.


  ZW140-5 ZW150-5
Engine rated power: 113 kW 113 kW
Operating weight: (kg) 11,090-11,390 11,850 - 12,400
Bucket capacity: 1.5 - 2.1 m³ 1.9 - 2.3 m³
Breakout force: 94.8 kN 101.3 kN
Max. Dump Height (pin) 4.165 m 4.2 m
Max. Dump Clearance 3.3 m 3.23 m
Max Forward Speed 39 km/h 39 km/h
Specifications are for guidance only and will vary according to machine configuration


With the HST control system, the ZW140-5 and the ZW150-5 work in two different modes, selected by the operator based on the task and terrain.

Standard mode is suited to regular operations on a level terrain. P (power) mode gives a greater traction force, which is useful for heavy-duty excavation.

A traction control system (TCS) prevents tyre slippage in snow, slippery or muddy conditions by reducing the maximum rim pull.
An inching pedal is beneficial on small job sites or confined areas, as it reduces the travelling speed without the need for braking. Full engine speed is still available for lifting purposes.
Typical of the Series 5 features, the spacious cab of both models offers more comfort, provides greater visibility, enhanced with an optional rear-view camera and a pleasant and safe working environment.

The cab is easy to access, has more storage space and is equipped with an AM/FM radio and MP3 dock.


Many features on the ZW-5 wheel loaders, such as the greasing points and oil levels, can now be accessed at ground level, allowing the operator to maintain the machine quickly and easily on a daily basis.

Vasilis Drougkas, HCME’s Wheel Loader Product Specialist, says: “The ZW-5 wheel loaders are ideal for working on a variety of job sites.
“Reliable and fuel efficient, they are easy to maintain and comfortable to operate.

“We believe the ZW140-5 and ZW150-5 will prove popular among customers in Europe, and will be particularly appealing for rental companies.”

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