Wacker Neuson launches new products for North America at CONEXPO 2014


Wacker Neuson_EZ17

Wacker Neuson EZ17 Zero Tail Excavator

Wacker Neuson showed four skidsteer models, two on wheels and two on tracks, at ConExpo 2014.   The two skid steer loaders SW 24 and SW 28 with a payload of 2,400 or 2,800 pounds (equivalent to around 1,100 or 1,350 kilograms), as well as the two compact track loaders ST 35 and ST 45 with 3,500 and 4,500 pounds (about 1,600 kilograms and 2,050 kilograms) payload will be unveiled for the first time. SW stands for skid steer wheeled, ST for skid steer tracks.

"With the introduction of the skid steer loader series, we complete our portfolio of compact machines in North America. This makes us even more attractive to many dealers and we can now provide customers with high-quality and high-performance compact machines, all under one roof", says Cem Peksaglam, CEO of Wacker Neuson SE.

To show its green credentials,  Wacker Neuson awards its own Eco label to product solutions and innovations that are particularly low in emissions and are economically viable. This includes the new dual power option for the mini-excavator 803.

The external electro-hydraulic drive unit HPU8 can be connected - in addition to the standard diesel engine - to the Wacker Neuson excavator 803 dual power. The unit allows the excavator to be operated purely electrically and, as such,  emission-free.

With the 803 dual power, contractors have a machine with the features of a conventional diesel excavator, but, which simultaneously can switch to emission-free operations. This keeps costs low, ensures higher machine utilization and extends the application range of the mini-excavator.

Other new products from the compact machine series are the 10 ton EW100  wheeled excavator, as well as the AWS550 wheel loader (all-wheel drive) with a shovel capacity of 0.55 cubic meters and the WL 36 (articulated) with an operating weight of 3.6 tons and a shovel capacity of 0.6 cubic meters.

In addition, Wacker Neuson unveiled the compact ET20 excavator  with an operating weight of two tons and the Zero Tail excavator EZ17 without tail overhang and with an operating weight of 1.7 tons. The development of these resulted in  an increase in power output and economic efficiency, as well as an improvement of the cabin comfort were in the focus.

Wacker Neuson_DPU6555_CompatecAt  CONEXPO and for the first time in the United States, Wacker Neuson also launched the Compatec compaction control for the reversible vibratory plate DPU 6555.

The Compatec indicates to the operator, on an illuminated display with eight LEDs, what level of relative compaction has been reached. When the number of illuminated LEDs nare all lit, then no further compaction can be achieved with the unit in use. For the less experienced operator, this is a good orientation guide that saves valuable working time and also protects the machine against overload.


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